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About Us

Our High Priestess

Founded by High Priestess Moonwater Ashwood, this is a safe place for all spiritual seekers who wish to learn about the Feminine Divine and the Old Ways. She has been on her own spiritual journey since 1984, examining a wide variety of spiritualities, ranging from Christianity to Judaism, Buddhism to Hinduism, Indigenous Spirituality to Neo-Paganism. She now follows an eclectic path, taking what works for her from all the paths she has encountered and weaving them together.

Our Training

We are proud to offer training in the White Moon tradition of priestess training, as well as training in the Stein Essential Reiki energy healing, divination methods and shamanism.

Our Services

Our High Priestess is also happy to provide the following services:

Death Doula services

Coming of Age ceremonies


Reiki healing sessions

Psychic Medium services

Tarot Readings

Further Information

We Do Events and Private Parties

Want something a little different at your next party, girl's night, or event? Moonwater Ashwood is happy to travel to most locations in Southern and Central Ontario to appear at events of various sizes as a professional psychic medium. She does psychic readings by communing with her spirit guides via her various tools, including a rose quartz crystal skull, a large clear crystal ball, assorted tarot decks, pendulums, and palmistry.

Upcoming Events

Moonwater Ashwood is pleased to announce her next public psychic medium appearance will be at the Halloween Show at the Paris Fairgrounds in Paris Ontario on Sunday October 29th, from 10am till 3pm.

Testimonial Time

"Amazingly positive and soothing energy! The best Reiki Master I've encountered!!" ~ Aisling

"Her tarot readings are so accurate they're creepy as well as thrilling." ~ Susan

"Moonwater's gentle advice and calm demeanor soothed me to the very core. I can't thank her enough." ~ Patricia

Current Bargains

Coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese originated method of energy healing, similar to the Laying On Of Hands in the Christian faith. It involves a communing between the healer's guides and an assortment of ancient symbols that activate the energy channels.

Why go by the title of High Priestess?

Moonwater Ashwood completed 2 years of highly intensive training and was ordained by the Order of the White Moon, an internationally recognized religious charity designed to increase awareness of the Feminine Divine in the world. She is now continuing her religious training along a different path, but still believes that all faiths can be strengthened by including faith in the Feminine Divine (aka the Goddess). She regards herself, quite rightly, as a member of the clergy, and so uses the title granted her at her ordination in 2010.

What is a psychic medium?

Psychic mediums are individuals born with incredible gifts of insight, empathy, and intuition. They are able to commune with their own spirit guides, either through tools or simply through energy. Many can see or hear spirits and other energy beings. 

What exactly are Moonwater's psychic gifts?

Moonwater is able to see spirits and energy beings as clearly as she can see the living. She is a vividly talented empath, able to sense the emotions of others, even if they are not in front of her at times. She also has the "classic" psychic gifts of seeing the past and future (clairvoyance), and knowing things that are outside the range of normal knowledge (clairsentience).